Do You Shop At JCP?

by Roberta on January 17, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.18.45 PMJCPenney is my very favorite department store to shop in. It’s fairly priced, and, to be honest, their clothes are pretty nice. I can’t think of the last time I went to JCP and didn’t find something to add to my closet. But today, I’m actually going to talk about my husband, and the discounts that I always find every year for him right after the holidays – in fact, this time of year right now.


But before we can talk about the already deep discounts that JCPenney runs, I need to, of course, tell you where to find the best online JCP coupon. Right now, the best coupons for JCP are at MyCoupons. 25% off online clearance is the coupon you want… it’s the top coupon on the right and provides the deepest discounts you will find at JCP online. Now, here’s what I found (we shopped primarily for dress clothes):

Haggar Blazer – brown plaid – on sale clearance for $79.99 (original $200) – with the additional 25% off from the coupon I got gigantic savings.

Stafford Prep Twill blazer – khaki – 24.99 on clearance – then the extra 25% off – think about how cheap that is!

So since I saved all this money, I was able to get a special gift for him that was nearly full price – but I had to pic up a second JCP coupon. I went to the same site, MyCoupons, and picked up another code: 20% off when I used my JCP credit card.

I ended up getting 3 stafford dress shirts to go with the blazers. Overall, I was super happy with my purchases and thanks to finding some great JCPenney coupons, I was able to save a bundle! That’s what it’s all about.




A Difference Between Gift Cards And Credit Cards

by Roberta on November 16, 2013

Though gift cards and credit cards look similar and spend similarly, there are some distinct differences that you should be aware of when purchasing or using either. The first is that with a credit card, prepaid or otherwise, you are able to spend the money or balance of the card on whatever you want. This means that they can be used on-line, in store, and at just about any location that accepts the card that is being offered. This versatility is what makes credit cards appealing to many people. They can be used like cash rather than being focused on one location. With a gift card you are limited to spending the balance in one place that is specified by the type of gift card that you chose, you may also be limited in what you can buy with the gift card depending on the policies of the establishment that issued the card.

Another difference is that with a credit card that is issued to a user through a credit card company you can use it to build up your credit and increase your spending limit. Each time you pay on time and you keep to your pay schedule you have the opportunity to increase your credit score and better your standing with major lending companies. With a gift card, though it looks like a credit card and may spend like one, you are not increasing any credit score. Another difference is that a gift card can be transferred and used by anyone. A credit card on the other hand is linked to one user and cannot be transferred to another therefor protecting the money and balance that is on the card. Each of these differences serves to make credit cards and gift cards unique in their own right.

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